Helical Gearbox

Helical gears are cut at angles which allow for gradual contact between each of the helical gear teeth. This type of innovation provides for a smooth and quiet operation. Gearboxes using helical gears are applicable in high horsepower and efficient applications.

Physical Properties

Helical gears are typically constructed from cast iron, aluminum allow or iron material but may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Note: Gears made from steel materials can be noisy when coming into contact with other gears and also make them prone to wear.

Applications of Helical Gears

Helical gears are widely used in applications which require efficiency and high horsepower.

     • Oil Industry
     • Blowers
     • Food and Labeling
     • Cutters
     • Elevators

Advantages of Helical Gears


     • Can be meshed in parallel or cross orientation
     • Smooth and quiet operation
     • Efficient
     • High horsepower

Disadvantages of Helical Gears


     • Resultant thrust along axis of gear
     • Additives to lubrication