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Spur Gearbox

Spur gears are made with straight teeth mounted on a parallel shaft. The noise level of spur gears is relatively high due to colliding teeth of the gears which make spur gear teeth prone to wear. Spur gears come in a range of sizes and gear ratios to meet applications requiring a certain speed or … Continue reading Spur Gearbox

Helical Gearbox

Helical gears are cut at angles which allow for gradual contact between each of the helical gear teeth. This type of innovation provides for a smooth and quiet operation. Gearboxes using helical gears are applicable in high horsepower and efficient applications. Physical Properties Helical gears are typically constructed from cast iron, aluminum allow or iron … Continue reading Helical Gearbox

Biological and Botanical Resources

Africa’s naturally occurring biological resources—its immensely varied vegetational cover, vast insect life, and diverse animal life—have been described above. When combined with cultivated crops and domestic animals, these resources represent the great bulk of the continent’s economic wealth. The two most economically important types of vegetation are forests and grasslands. Among the forested areas, the tropical forests contain much of … Continue reading Biological and Botanical Resources