How to Get The Most Out Of Your Gearbox Filtration System

Understand how temperature affects oil viscosity

Fourth, while you can use quick connectors to your cart, you should also be aware that viscosity is affected by temperature. So, if your gearbox is located outdoors or in a non-insulated room, assume that the colder temperatures have affected the viscosity. Your filtration system should be able to help you determine the oil’s viscosity.

Give yourself enough time to filter the lubricant 

You should always keep in mind the flow rate, total liters to filter, and total time available for filtering. You need to allow enough time to filter your entire lubrication system to avoid issues. A good rule is to allow your lubricant to circulate at least seven times through your industrial gearbox for good cleanup.

Keep in mind how clean you want your lubricant to be. For the most effective filtration, you want a ten-micron filter. If you don’t need anything that clean, consider a six-micron filter. The more efficient the filter, the slower your flow rate. You may want to consider using water absorbing materials to ensure that your gearbox is protected from emulsified water.

Know where your equipment is located

Finally, if your filtration system is located in an area that is at risk for fire or explosions, consider using a single or three-phase filtration unit. Doing this should help prevent accidents from hurting your equipment and employees. You should also keep in mind the location of your power sockets and electrical connections.